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Denture Repair Specialist

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Dentures are made to last a lifetime, but let’s face it: accidents do happen. If you’ve broken your dentures or need a relining, A One Day Dentures in Redford and Southfield Mississippi can help! A One Day Dentures offers top-of-the-line denture repair so that your smile never skips a beat in staying happy and healthy. Schedule your visit by phone or online, and get your dentures repaired today!

Denture Repair Q & A

How do dentures break?

Dentures are incredibly durable appliances, but they do spend a great deal of time under a lot of pressure, whether it be from eating, speaking, or smiling. The longer you wear your dentures, the more worn down they become, making them more prone to breaking.

Dentures most commonly suffer fractures or breaks due to an improper fit. When your dentures don’t fit properly, the force in your bite is distributed unevenly, putting more pressure on one particular area of the appliance. 

This can also happen if the teeth on your dentures get unevenly worn down. This uneven biting force creates small, micro-fractures that, over time, can aggregate to a larger, more noticeable crack.

Dentures are also frequently broken due to impact fractures, otherwise known as dropping your dentures. Impact fractures can cause damage to any part of the denture, including the teeth, the metal clasps, and the flesh-colored area that functions as your gumline.

If you break your dentures, don’t put them back in your mouth until you’ve visited A One Day Dentures. They could cause discomfort or damage to your mouth.

What denture repairs do you offer?

A One Day Dentures offers a wide variety of denture repairs for both full and partial dentures. 

Dentures are primarily made from a material called acrylic resin, which is not only durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, but also easily repairable. 

The team at A One Day Dentures can simply add more acrylic resin to reinforce your crack or use more acrylic resin to bond your broken pieces together. 

With partial dentures, your dentist can also reinforce your repair with metal or fiber mesh to give your appliance an added element of strength and support.

And if you’ve broken or damaged the teeth on your dentures, A One Day Dentures can fix that, too. They can easily repair or replace the teeth in your dentures to give you a smile that you’ll be proud to share again.

What is a reline?

Relines are an excellent way to prevent your dentures from breaking and to make them more comfortable and effective in your mouth. 

As you get older, the size and shape of your mouth tissues change. Your gums and the bones underneath tend to shrink (especially when you’ve lost teeth) leaving your dentures to no longer fit properly. 

Poorly fitting dentures can pinch your gums and cause sores. They can also wear down the bones and soft tissue in your mouth, leading to infections and a higher likelihood of developing periodontal disease. 

With a denture reline, your dentist resurfaces and reshapes the part of your dentures that rests on your gums, giving you an updated fit and improved functioning.

To learn more about how A One Day Dentures can repair your dentures and improve your smile, schedule a visit today by phone or online.