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If you’re getting dentures after extractions and don’t want to go without teeth while your mouth heals, then same-day dentures are for you! A One Day Dentures in Redford and Southfield, Mississippi, provides its patients with same-day dentures to keep their smiles happy and healthy throughout the entire denture process. Schedule an appointment by phone or online and get your same-day dentures today!

Same Day Dentures Q & A

What are same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures, or immediate dentures, are a state-of-the-art solution for patients who are getting extractions to make room for their dentures and don’t want to be without teeth while they’re waiting for their mouth to heal.

Normally when you get extractions, you need to wait for your mouth to heal and the shape of your gums and jaw to readjust before you can be fitted with dentures. This leaves patients without teeth for a period of time, which can be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

With same-day dentures, you can leave your extraction appointment with a fresh set of dentures that enable you to eat, speak, and smile with ease. 

Most patients typically wear their same-day dentures for the first 2-3 months following the extractions, at which point their mouth has healed and they come back to be refitted for traditional dentures.

What are the benefits of same-day dentures?

The biggest advantage of same-day dentures is that you never have to be without teeth following your extraction appointment.

Patients who are getting traditional dentures typically have to wait a few months for their gums and jawbone to heal and settle before they can be fitted for their permanent dentures. With same-day dentures, you leave your extraction appointment with a full set of beautiful teeth.

Same-day dentures also act as a bandage to help control bleeding and protect your gum tissues after you’ve had extractions. They also give you a head start on learning how to comfortably speak and eat with your dentures.

Same-day dentures are particularly advantageous for patients with sensitive teeth and gums since they act as a shield for your gums while you heal. 

And by immediately having a full smile after your extractions, any remaining sensitive teeth don’t have to bear all of the weight of your biting and chewing force.

What is the process for getting same-day dentures?

Same-day dentures are made using the same techniques as regular dentures: Your dentist takes impressions of your mouth that a lab uses to fabricate your dentures. 

But because you get your same-day dentures on the same day as your extraction appointment, you have to be fitted for your dentures before your extractions.

Getting fitted for same-day dentures typically requires about 4-5 visits to A One Day Dentures before your extraction appointment. 

And because your gums and bones change shape as you heal from your extractions, same-day dentures typically need to be relined a few times during the healing process.

To learn more about how same-day dentures can keep your smile from missing a beat, schedule a visit with A One Day Dentures by calling the office or booking online.