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A man smiling in a dental chair.

Many adults suffer from missing teeth or teeth that are broken. They are completely embarrassed by their smiles, and so they keep their mouths closed at all times. When people are missing teeth, their jaws change shape. This can make their faces appear to be sunken in.

These people can have difficulty eating and drinking without their teeth. Some struggle with their speech. Tooth decay is common because plaque and tartar build up where teeth are missing and broken. This makes the problem even worse.

Many people want artificial teeth, but they don’t want dentures. Dentures are great for many things, but there are other options for people who want a smile of which they can be proud!

Most dental offices offer crowns (artificial teeth). However, when considering crowns, we also need to think about the roots that will hold them in. For this reason, we apply dental implants prior to placing crowns. These implants will act the like roots, holding your crowns in place. They are strong so you don’t have to worry about losing your crowns. Since they are made to be permanent (and made specifically for you and your mouth), they are comfortable. After a short period when you get used to them, you will forget that you even have them!

After getting dental implants and crowns, you may notice that it is much easier to eat. Your speech may improve quite a bit. You also notice that your face returns to its normal shape because all of your teeth are where they need to be. Your face won’t look sunken in anymore.

Since you have all your teeth (and no holes), the health of your mouth will improve. You can brush your teeth more easily, without worrying about plaque and tartar building up in places that are hard to reach.

It is still important that you care for your dental implants and crowns properly to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Dental implants and crowns can really improve your quality of life!

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